About Us

Paper Pizza Co. is the best pizza in L.A.

Welcome to Paper Pizza Company, bringing you the absolute best custom fired pizza right from the heart of Downey, California!

What is custom fired pizza? Well, picture a wood fired pizza oven but with perfect temperature control and zero logs being harmed.

Now picture a damn delicious mashup of classic Neapolitan style pizza with wholesome, real-food ingredients piled atop a PAPER thin crust flaring out to a light, airy, and perfectly textured outer crust, mixed with vintage SoCal swagger and drool-inducing flavor pairings from the minds that brought you Lock & Key Social Drinkery.

At any good pizza joint, it all starts with the dough and here at Paper Pizza Co. that means starting with the absolute best flour we can find. Our pure 00 wheat flour imported from Italy is unbleached/gently processed and organically grown. Our source takes the extra step to grow their wheat completely pesticide-free – the only such farm in Italy. This matters!

This same dedication to the finer things in life is expressed not only in our pizzas, but across our entire menu. From our mouthwatering made-from-scratch pastas, our famously fresh mozzarella crafted right here in-house, and our garden inspired salads - all at amazingly affordable prices - you're sure to satisfy the whole family with a visit to Paper Pizza Company located at 9500 Lakewood Boulevard in downtown Downey.

For the best pizza in Los Angeles with a custom-fired counterculture Southern California vibe absolutely dripping with flavor, hit up Paper Pizza Company because as we like to say around here...

It's better to be full of pizza than full of