The Best Pizza in L.A. Begins With the Best Flour in Italy

The Best Pizza in L.A. Begins With the Best Flour in Italy

Every day we are faced with choices large and small that will determine not only how the rest of our day will go, but sometimes those everyday choices merge together into lifestyle choices without us even realizing it.

These days, more than ever, it is so important to make healthy lifestyle choices, both physical and mental. This begins with our diet. WAIT! Don’t stop reading! We serve the best pizza in Los Angeles for cryin’ out loud! But here at Paper Pizza Co., our menu is consciously crafted on a foundation of good, healthy choices when it comes to the quality of our ingredients and the unique ways that we come up with to combine them.

At any good pizza place, it all starts with the dough and here at Paper Pizza Co. that means starting with the absolute best flour we can find. Our pure 00 wheat flour imported from Italy is unbleached/gently processed and organically grown. Our source takes the extra step to grow their wheat completely pesticide-free – the only such farm in Italy. This matters!

Paper Pizza Co. is the best pizza in Downey

This world-class flour is the base ingredient in all of our doughs and pasta fresca, all made from scratch here in-house at Paper Pizza Co. - we pull and stretch our own mozzarella from scratch, too!

The categorization of “00”, or doppio zero in Italian, refers to how finely the flour was milled and how much bran and impurities were removed in that process. The scale runs from 00 at the “softest”/most refined, up to 2, which would represent more of a wholemeal flour.

Paper Pizza Co. Custom Fired Pizza in Los AngelesWe are making healthy choices delicious choices!

Of course, the higher quality 00 flour is more scarce on the market, especially when held to the organic and pesticide-free standards that we insist on. As a result, our flour is harder to get and costs us more, but you do not need to be a food connoisseur to appreciate the difference in the texture and flavor that our crust delivers with each bite.

It is said that anywhere between 12-20% of people in the industrialized world can no longer eat modern wheat products without suffering from health or digestive problems. While our main line of pizza and pasta options are not “gluten-free”, they have been shown to be much easier on the stomach than standard offerings from the other guys.

The all-purpose flour that most of us were raised on here in the U.S. is exactly what its name implies – it is usable for just about any dish that calls for “flour” in the recipe. Typically a blend of hard and soft wheat, it is intended to be a cheap option to give consistent results to the home cook. While it certainly has its place in the culinary world, you really shouldn’t find it in a good pizza or pasta restaurant.

Every ingredient on any pizza worth eating plays a significant role in the experience. Each is chosen to compliment the flavors around it and the crust at Paper Pizza Co. is almost an experience in itself. The ultra-high quality 00 flour that we start with is the key to our low-rise “Paper-thin” crust – the ideal delivery-system for the rest of our fresh toppings.

All of our pizza and pasta offerings are perfectly priced and portioned so you can split dishes to share… or smash it all by yourself. Who are we to judge?

Place an order at Paper Pizza Co. today – there’s one less great decision you need to make!

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